Our team is made up of registered teachers, organisational psychologists, experienced and engaging facilitators, professional coaches, youth development researchers and representatives of community groups and youth focus networks.


Janine Mackay


Janine Mackay is an experienced leadership educator who has a wide range of educational and life experiences both in New Zealand and overseas. Janine worked for 12 years in the not-for-profit sector designing and implementing leadership programmes for students in primary, intermediate and secondary school contexts. With a Masters of Educational Leadership her work and research centres on investigating student voice to explore and enhance their perceptions and experiences of leadership. Janine engages future focused ideals which support different ways that leadership learning opportunities can be created with youth and for youth. 

Rachel McNae




Dr Rachel McNae is the Director of the Centre for Educational Leadership Research at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand. With a passion for supporting young people to lead in their schools and communities, Rachel’s expansive research portfolio includes a core focus on youth leadership, student voice, and strength-based leadership formation in schools and communities. Rachel advocates for reshaping leadership learning in schools so that student’s experiences are authentic, meaningful and culturally responsive. Her work at Good Human Project supports the creation of research informed programmes which are evaluated for effectiveness, and designed to make a difference.