iLead Programme

Creating CONFIDENT Leaders

At the Good Human Project we are firm believers that you are never too young to be a leader! 

We also know young people require quality learning experiences to develop their own leadership identity and enhance their leadership practices.

The iLEAD  programme supports Year 4-8 students to explore their leadership understandings, knowledge and skills in a safe and supportive environment.  Working with accredited and qualified teachers, content in the iLEAD  programme is co-designed specifically for each school.  Content from over 20 modules can be used to create a cohesive and needs-based programme linked to the New Zealand curriculum. Core content supports students to:


  • Develop personal understandings of leadership

  • Discover personal leadership strengths

  • Explore self-leadership

  • Enhance self confidence and resilience

  • Learn with trained facilitators to complete the learning modules and ignite activities


Length of sessions, timelines for learning encounters and face to face/online components are all considered in the design process so that students have maximum opportunities to engage in experiential leadership activities, embark on moments of reflection and super-charge their motivation to be effective leaders within and beyond the school gates. 


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"We are not perfect human beings, nor do we have to pretend to be, but it is necessary for us to be the best versions of ourselves we can be"

Satsuki Shibuy